In a world of separation, digital activism has the power to unite us as one—from wherever we are. It’s time to make a social impact. Buy with us. Sell with us (coming soon). This is not a one-time-solution. This is a revolution and we, we are the unifiers.

Three words. Nine letters. One heart. We love you.

A Letter from the Founder

Hey you! I am so glad you’re here. I’m Shelly Gracon, Founder of #WeLoveYouCampaign and Glo Cleveland. Though this brand isn’t about my story, I want you to know why I was compelled to create this platform for you. 


I’ve spent over 20 years working in social justice reform and working with communities to heal collective grief. My work developing The Butterfly Project has proven that when communities unite to lift each other’s voices, healing can begin. The Butterfly Project was developed to address the pain of Cleveland’s Cudell neighborhood, the community directly impacted by the tragedy of Tamir Rice in 2014. 


I’ve spent the last several years revitalizing the way humans unite. Hosting visionary events and pop ups like Open Lens allowed creators to come together to produce content. During my time running EVOLV, a creative studio in Cleveland, Ohio, I challenged myself to build highly effective collaborations, aligning communities and partners using connectivity.


Above all, I am a social entrepreneur. I believe that brands have the power to make positive societal impacts and that sharing stories (and all the love!) unites us as one. My job is to help you make that impact. My work will always remain focused on influencing the greater good—not just the bottom line.


Now, my motivation is to heal the pain caused by COVID-19. I know that by joining together, we can revolutionize the future of small business, in the United States, and across the globe. 


Ready to take an active part in the revolution? I hope so. It’s beyond time.

All my love,