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A Letter from the Founder

Though this brand isn’t about my story, I want you to know why I was compelled to create this platform for you.

I’ve spent over 20 years working in social justice reform and with communities to challenge the status quo. There is no box in which I think or live inside of, and I believe in the ability of the collective human spirit to initiate change. Now is the time to respond with empathy, compassion and a united front to put the business back in small business. Out of chaos new ideas are born, and this is mine - the biggest and most important pivot of my lifetime.

I’ve spent the last several years revitalizing the way humans create through innovative gatherings and placemaking projects. My award-winning work includes The Butterfly Project featured on PBS, NPR and in several local publications along with EVOLV, a creative studio, co-working space and pop up shop in the heart of Cleveland.

I  always challenge myself to build highly effective collaborations, aligning communities and partners using connectivity. Above all, I am a social entrepreneur. I believe that brands have the power to make positive societal impacts and that sharing stories (and all the love!) can change the world. My job is to help you make an impact with your own fabulous ideas.

First we need to recognize the pain caused by Covid-19 and work collectively to heal and move forward - together. Let this platform be your sounding board. Come to our events. Become a member. Lean into your own pivot, whatever that may be for you.

Ready to take an active part in the revolution? I hope so. It’s beyond time.

All my love, Shelly Ann